1st International Perinatal
TOTAL Health Congress

Perinatal TOTAL Health: The First Thousand Days of Life

Innovations and Transdisciplinary Collaborations

27 - 30 June 2018

Sinaia, Romania
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Midwifery is a calling, not just a profession: childbirth stories around the world

Can mindfulness reduce fear of labour and postpartum depression?

Language development starts in the womb

The World Federation of Public Health Associations joins as Scientific Partner!

Co-Chairs of the Young Health Professionals Track

Call for abstracts now open!

Maternal Depression and Children's Health

Intrauterine Genetic Innovations

World Breastfeeding Week

Maternal depression is getting more attention

Finding the Right Medication: Gene Test May Help Treat Depression

Vitamin B3 may prevent miscarriages and birth defects, study suggests

Study Reveals Diet Rich in choline Promotes Fetal Brain Development

Mother and baby mental health unit for Wales considered

One in five women with postpartum mood disorders keep quiet

At Starbucks, your maternity leave depends on whether you're a barista or a boss

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who do These 9 Things

12 Brain Foods That Supercharge Your Memory, Focus & Mood

Parenting Matters

Premature infants may get metabolic boost from mom's breast milk

Redesigning the Process for Establishing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans : Health and Medicine Division

Early antenatal care visit: a systematic analysis of regional and global levels and trends of coverage from 1990 to 2013

Mommy Mentors Help Fight The Stigma Of Postpartum Mood Disorder

Physical abuse and punishment impact children's academic performance

Positive Parenting

Interview with Prof. Eliot Sorel published on GhidCabinet.ro

Baby Talks

Interview with Prof. Eliot Sorel: The First 1000 Days

Prof. Eliot Sorel interview for RRC

Giving birth on due date less risky for older mums

Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

Bonding benefits of breastfeeding extend years beyond infancy

Christy Turlington Burns: the model dedicated to making childbirth safe for every mother

Newborn babies show greater brain response to pain under stress

Teenage brains not wired for high stakes

New partnership launched at GES will save up to 10000 lives

Brain development & pollution

Should You Be Worried About the Arsenic in Your Baby Food?

Paying mothers incentivises breastfeeding, study finds

Paying mothers incentivises breastfeeding, study finds

Slashing queues, helping new mothers: NHS explores apps for care in a digital age

Outcomes of a Coaching-Based WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist Program in India

Neuroscientists shed light on causes of postpartum depression using new research model

Maternal Depression Can Undermine the Development of Young Children

Maternal Depression Can Undermine the Development of Young Children

Tracking the impact of early abuse and neglect: Study led by university researcher shows negative effects may persist into adulthood

Mental Health Care Is Human Right

Meet the 'backpack midwife' bringing healthcare for all

Association of Persistent and Severe Postnatal Depression With Child Outcomes

Children’s behavioral problems tied to mothers’ postpartum depression